Learn Mandarin Chinese in 5 minutes – Are you sure? Ni kending ma

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It is our Learn Mandarin Chinese in 5 minutes time once again. In today’s lesson, we will learn to inquire if someone is certain about something in Mandarin Chinese. In our Mandarin Chinese in 5 minutes lesson today, you will also learn how to express certainty and uncertainty in relation to the question asked.

First of all, when inquiring someone whether he/she is certain about something in Mandarin Chinese, the simplest way of asking is 你肯定吗?Nǐ kěndìng ma? (Are you sure?) More complicated phrases in Mandarin Chinese are 你有没有把握?Nǐ yǒu méiyǒu bǎwò? (Are you certain?) or  你认为真是这样吗?Nǐ rènwéi zhēnshi zhèyàng ma? (Do you think it is really like this?).

你肯定吗?Nǐ kěndìng ma?  肯定kěndìng here means sure / confirmed. If you are sure of the outcome, you can use this Chinese phrase. For example, for some reason, you are sure that Peter will not come for lesson today, you can say 彼得今天肯定不会来上课。Tā jīntiān kěndìng bù huì lái shàngkè.

你有没有把握?Nǐ yǒu méiyǒu bǎwò? The Chinese words 把握in this phrase mean to have certainty or sure (of the outcome). You can also ask 你有把握吗?Nǐ yǒu bǎwò ma? (Are you sure?)

你认为真是这样吗?Nǐ rènwéi zhēnshi zhèyàng ma? The Chinese words 认为 here mean to believe, to think.  真 means real and 这样 means like this.

Now that you have learned how to express uncertainty in Mandarin Chinese, we will now go on to the next section on how to express certainty in Mandarin Chinese. When expressing certainty, one may say:-

肯定                Kěndìng                     sure/confirmed

当然                Dāngrán                    of course

我认为/想一定是这样                     Wǒ rènwéi/xiǎng yīdìng shì zhèyàng

                                                              I think/believe  it is certainly like this

What about expressing uncertainty in Mandarin Chinese? Well, when you are uncertain about the outcome, you may say:-

我不能肯定                Wǒ bùnéng kěndìng           I cannot confirm/ I am not sure

我可说不准                Wǒ kě shuō bu zhǔn           I can’t say in full certainty

我有点怀疑                Wǒ yǒudiǎn huáiyí              I have some doubts

Besides those phrases we have explained in this Mandarin Chinese lesson, there are still many other expressions that can be used to express uncertainty and certainty. Let us go through some of them through simple dialogues for better understanding.

A:       听说小李辞职了。这消息是真的吗?

           Tīng shuō xiǎo li cízhíle. Zhè xiāoxi shì zhēn de ma?

           I heard Lee has resigned. Is this news true?

B:       百分之百是真的。

           Bǎifēnzhībǎi shì zhēn de.

           100 percent true.

A:       你怎么那么清楚

           Nǐ zěnme nàme qīngchu?

           Why are you so clear (about the news)? / Why are you so sure?

B:       因为我亲眼看到他把辞职信交给陈经理。

           Yīnwèi wǒ qīnyǎn kàndào tā bǎ cízhíxìn jiāo gěi chén jīnglǐ.

             Because I personally saw him pass the resignation letter to Manager Chen.

Some people like to use the word “bet 赌” to make their stand. How to use this Chinese word to express certainty? Well, you may say, 我愿打赌Wǒ yuàn dǎdǔ (I am willing to make a bet) or 我可以打赌wǒ kěyǐ dǎdǔ (I can bet on it). And there are others who like to use the word 保证Bǎozhèng (guarantee) to show that they are very sure about the outcome.

Practise what you have learned so far. If your friend told you that you have done well in your examination, what would you say to her? Or you have been trying to find a job for the last 6 months and your friend suddenly told you that she has a job for you. What would you say? Use the confirmation phrases you have just learned and create a simple dialogue. Apply what you have learned is an important part in mastering the Chinese language.

We have come to the end of our Mandarin Chinese lesson for today. Do come back for more Chinese lessons with us at http://www.onlineclass101.com.

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