How to read and write Chinese Characters – Da,Xiao,Duo,Shao,Ren

Hello class. 大家好

From this class onwards, we will teach you how to read Chinese characters. In this free online Chinese class, we will be introducing at least 5 Chinese characters in each lesson. We aim to have our learners know at least 500 Chinese characters by the end of the newbie Chinese series.

Today, the Chinese characters we are learning are . Click on the Chinese character to listen to the pronounciation.

Da4 means big in English. The word has 3 strokes when you write it. Da is in the 4th tone. If you have forgotten how to pronounce the 4th tone, please refer to our post on tone.

When explaining the Chinese character to your child, try standing with your arms and legs open wide so that he/she can remember better from your description and your action. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. Don’t you think your posture actually resembles the word itself?

Xiao3 means small in English. The character has 3 strokes as well. When pronouncing this word, it should be in the 3rd tone. How can you describe this word to your kid so that he/she can remember it? Well, you can show the word Da4 and then tell him/her Xiao3 is the opposite of Da4.

Duo1 means a lot / many in English. This character has 6 strokes. It is pronounced in the 1st tone. This Chinese character is a measurement word. You can explain this character to your child by placing toys in front of him/her and then pointing to the character Duo1 to show there are many toys.

Shao3 means few/little in English. This Chinese character has 4 strokes. This is also a measurement like the word duo. This character can be pronounced in the 3rd and 4th tone. However, when pronounced in the 4th tone, its meaning also changes. In the 4th tone, the character means young. Do you know the famous martial art from China? Shao Lin 少林. The Shao in Shao Lin is in the 4th tone. So, when you teach your child Shao4 as in Shao Lin, you may do some martial arts so he/she can really remember this character well.

When explaining Shao3 as few/little, you can take away some toys from the pile you had a while ago and point to the character saying Shao3.

Ren2 is the last character we are learning for this lesson. This Chinese character means person/people in English. This character is super easy to write as it has only 2 strokes. It resembles the word Da minus the horizontal line in the middle. Ren is pronounced in the 2nd tone. You can point to yourself and your child and say we are Ren2.

From these 5 Chinese characters, you can actually use the Chinese characters da4, xiao3, duo1, shao3 to describe the person/people. You can teach da4ren2 大人(big person/adult), xiao3ren3 小人(small person), duo1ren2 多人(many people), shao3ren2 少人 (few people) to your child.

That is all we have for today. Hope the read and write the Chinese characters class is informative and easy to understand. In order to remember the words you have learned today, do practice writing the chinese characters and pronouncing them often. The key to learning a foreign language is to listen more, to write more and to read more. 大家加油!

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